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Crazy Luke, the short story

It's not like I've been lazy for the past month, but it's hard to get a lot of work done with the eight appearances on national TV, a meeting with President Obama, and a quick trip to Sochi to light the Olympic torch.  Well... maybe I'm exaggerating.  I spent most of the last month being an accountant, which is slightly less glamorous than all of those things.  However, I did create a short story about Crazy Luke, who is the favorite character for many of the kids who have read Jack and Noah's Big Day.  Just to be clear, when I call it a short story, I'm not making fun of Crazy Luke because he's short. But he is really, really short, mostly because he's only four years old. 

For those of you who are interested, I have not sold 1,000 copies of Jack and Noah's Big Day, but I am working on ideas for a second book.  So... while you're waiting four years for me to finish Jack and Noah's Big Election, you can enjoy the Crazy Luke short story by clicking here


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