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Early readers

One of the most important indicators of a child’s early academic success is his or her level of reading comprehension.  Reading competency is the cornerstone in many other areas of academic achievement and, yet, some children are reluctant readers.  It’s not their fault that they haven’t fallen in love with reading, but it’s crucial to teach them to love reading.  One study found that 74 percent of third-graders who read poorly were still struggling in ninth grade (Fletcher & Lyon 1998), and another study found that the likelihood of high school graduation could be easily predicted by early reading proficiency scores (Linsdey Musen, Brown University 2010).

However, reading is an ability that can be improved, and early efforts to address reading deficiencies can improve literacy and more general cognitive abilities (Ritchie & Bates, 2014).  Remedial reading instruction at school is a key part of improving reading proficiency, but parents can play an important role in their children’s reading development by setting aside time each day for dedicated reading time. 

Our experience with young children is that they’re more likely to read when they’re provided age-appropriate books that entertain them.  Shakespeare is great, but he’s not particularly interesting to most elementary school students.  The Jack and Noah series is designed to make reading fun – so that children look forward to reading.

The Jack and Noah books can both be read independently by children, although the first book (Jack and Noah’s Big Day) is a perfect read-aloud book for parents, grandparents and teachers.  With large fonts and 44,000 words in just over 200 pages, it’s the perfect bed-time book at home and story-time book at school.  The vocabulary is targeted towards early readers, and the humor will have your children looking forward to the next chapter.  We've spoken to children as young as first grade and as old as eighth grade who love the book.

The second book (Jack and Noah’s Big Election) is longer, at just over 500 pages and 100,000 words.  It’s the perfect independent reading book, particularly after your child has fallen in love with the antics of the serie's main characters.  Jack, Noah, Greta, Delaney and Crazy Luke will have your child laughing and learning for hours as the characters get closer to the biggest election ever. 

Here are few comments from teachers who have read or recommended the 'Jack and Noah' books to their students:

“My third-grade class loved listening to and laughing through ‘Jack and Noah’s Big Day.’  The story provided many opportunities for the students to make predictions and make connections.  I love that months after finishing the book, we are still making connections to the book.  ‘Jack and Noah’s Big Day’ is a great classroom read-aloud, and my kids can’t wait to read Slagle’s next book.”  Liz Zuegner, third-grade teacher

“‘Jack and Noah’s Big Day’ provides a gripping and entertaining tale of two young boys and the adventures they encounter during the summer between 2nd and 3rd grade.  This is a great book for readers of every level and interest.  Slagle perfectly captures the image of an eight-year-old boy we have all encountered at some point in our lives with his constant and hilarious use of hyperboles.  Two years ago I was fortunate to include this book in my 7th grade language arts curriculum.  I had a classroom filled with readers at every level and this book was a perfect fit for each child.  This book is a true gem.  It is one that you will not want to put down and it is begging to be read aloud.”  Alexia Grefe, magnet middle school English teacher

“My sixth-grade students enjoyed reading ‘Jack and Noah’s Big Day.’  They found it relatable and love knowing that the book was written about Omaha.  Having numerous landmarks from around the city piqued their interest.  As a class, we laughed at all the problems Jack and Noah caused and we held numerous discussions about different incidents we have all caused in our own lives.  This book assisted in keeping positive interpersonal relationships among my students as the year began to come to an end.  ‘Jack and Noah’s Big Day’ was a very fun read!”   Mary Griger, sixth-grade teacher

"In 'Jack and Noah's Big Election,' kids will love the chance to read more about their favorite characters from 'Jack and Noah's Big Day.'  Younger readers will be able to relate to many of the scenes, and both kids and adults will find themselves laughing out loud!"  Joanna Meysenburg, fourth-grade teacher