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Jay Slagle is available for international book tours, television interviews and speaking engagements.  Well, to be honest, the international book tours might be hard to fit in between baseball and basketball games.  Jay also has more of a radio face than a TV face (he’s kind of ugly), so it’s highly doubtful that you’d want him on your television station.  However, he’ll try anything once if it helps him sell a few books.

Jay is available for speaking engagements at Omaha-area schools and/or classrooms where Jack and Noah's Big Day is included in the language arts curriculum.  If the kids haven't read the book, they'll think he's speaking in Greek... which he often does after eating a good gyro.  

Jay can be contacted in the following ways:


Twitter:               @JaySlagleWrites


Phone:                  402.552.2020

Homing pigeon:    Jay’s homing pigeon is currently on vacation.  Please try back later.

Stagecoach:          A wheel is broken and we can’t find a new wooden wheel.  The timing is horrible.


If it’s really important, you should probably fly to Omaha to meet with Jay.  He’ll meet you in the tropical jungle at the Henry Doorly Zoo.  Jay lived at the zoo for several years, being raised by penguins.  Omaha has one of the best zoos in the world.  If Jay doesn’t happen to be in the tropical jungle when you arrive, just start talking with one of the monkeys.  Jay's brother Fred used to be a monkey at the zoo, but now he's an accountant in Ohio.  If you get hungry while you're waiting for Jay, just pick some bugs off the monkeys' fur. 

If it’s super important, you should call Jay’s agent immediately.  Unfortunately, Jay doesn’t have an agent, because only famous people need agents.  If you want to be Jay's agent, please send him a letter.  You'll get extra points for writing it in crayon.  

If it’s a matter of national security, just call the President of the United States.  He knows where to find Jay.

Finally, if you'd like to be included on an e-mail list for book updates, please submit your name and e-mail address below.

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