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Mexican food and the mayoral election

I like Mexican food, but I've never been a fan of refried beans.  After the events in 'Jack and Noah's Big Election,' I have a feeling that Jack won't be eating them anytime soon.

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Brexit vote over, onto the next huge election

It's an election year.  The Brexit vote, the presidential elections, the Omaha mayoral elections.  If you want the real scoop on how politicians are elected, check out 'Jack and Noah's Big Election.'

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The law offices of Greta C. Taylor

For those of you new to the Jack and Noah series, you might assume that the books are all about boys.  That's not quite true.  Greta is Jack's little sister, and she teams up with Delaney time and again to save Jack, Noah and Crazy Luke's bacon.  Now, that  isn't the same as saving Bacon - because Bacon is Greta's pet pig.  

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Who knew dogs and pigs would get along?

Jack has a dog, Greta has a pig, Noah has chickens, and Crazy Luke smells like a combination of all three.  It's great to be a kid!

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Kissing in an elementary school musical?

School is out, but fun is in!  Join Jack, Noah, Greta, Delaney, Crazy Luke and all the neighborhood gang in 'Jack and Noah's Big Election.'  The perfect start to your children's summer reading program is at

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Read aloud or independent reading

Thanks to all of you who visited my book signing event yesterday at the Bookworm.  Copies continue to be available at The Bookworm, Amazon and my basement.  If you'd like a signed copy, I can ship directly to you.  Today's t-shirt winner is Bob Kohout, who shared yesterday's post.  There are six days left in the 'I Love Crazy Luke' t-shirt contest.  You can enter a drawing for a free t-shirt by reviewing my books on Amazon or Goodreads, by sharing my Jack and Noah posts, or by following the Jack and Noah facebook page.

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Self-published authors are shameless marketers

Self-published authors don't have a legion of agents and publishers driving their book sales, so they have to do a little of everything to be successful.  Check out my self-publishing tab on my website for more information on the process.  I have a book signing event at The Bookworm today from 12:00-1:00.

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Parents tired of summer whining, flock to book signing

Let's face it, it's only June 17 but your kids are already getting on your nerves - just a little bit.  Really, you just want an hour a day where you can enjoy your latte and put up your feet.  Jay's book signing event is Saturday, June 18 at the Bookworm from 12:00-1:00.  The Bookworm is located just north of 90th and Center.  Free gifts for the first sixty purchases!

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Fudrock's campaign slogan scares little children

Omaha Mayor Sidney Fudrock has never been know for being a conventional mayor, but his new campaign poster seems a bit bizarre for even him.  Fudrock, who recently replaced his city car with a $5 million tank, is using that tank as part of his re-election campaign.  It's too early to tell whether his campaign approach will pay off, but that all becomes clear once readers finish 'Jack and Noah's Big Election.'

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The Next Great American novel?

I'm a little embarrassed by all of the talk about whether 'Jack and Noah's Big Election' is in the running for the next 'great American novel,' joining the ranks of 'The Scarlet Letter,' 'Moby Dick,' and 'The Grapes of Wrath.'  I'm mostly embarrassed because I'm the only person in the world who's having this discussion about 'Big Election.'  I have had some great feedback from the Bausch and Hobday families, whose children giggle non-stop while reading the book.  Anyway, my viewpoint is that any book that kids will read over a lazy summer is a great American novel.  Let's make American great again by avoiding summer mush brain!

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Mayor renames pedestrian bridge to honor Jack and Noah

With all the bickering we've been seeing on the political stage, it sure is nice to see an example of where everyone - Republicans, Democrats, vegetarians - can agree.  On Sunday the Omaha mayor renamed the 'Green pedestrian bridge over Dodge Street by Memorial Park' to 'Jack and Noah's Big Bridge.'  This proclamation accomplished two things -- it shortened the bridge's name by almost 50%, and it proves yet again that Jay will do pretty much anything to promote his books.

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Crazy Luke on FBI's most-wanted list

For those of you who are new to the Jack and Noah series, Crazy Luke is a four-year-old neighbor who tends to cause a lot of trouble -- like getting-thrown-in-jail-kind-of trouble.  This character is very loosely based on my neighbor and godson Luke, who was four years old when I started writing 'Jack and Noah's Big Day.'  Crazy Luke is most often cited as readers' favorite character, but he almost wasn't in the book.  He wasn't even mentioned in the first draft of 'Big Day,' but my editor told me how important it was to have failures and disasters in children's books.  Crazy Luke came to life during that second draft, and he's got even more tricks up his sleeve in 'Jack and Noah's Big Election.'  Who knew he'd be such a popular villain?


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Famous Omaha building is home to 28-floor cookie drop

The plan was genius.  Drop cookies from the roof of a 28-floor building and see who can catch them.  Just another of the great catastrophes in 'Jack and Noah's Big Election.'


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Elmwood Pool to be destroyed by tank

I know politicians say a lot of things they don't mean to do, but Mayor Fudrock seems pretty serious about closing Elmwood Pool when he shows up with an army tank.  Can Jack and Noah save their favorite swimming pool?  Why does the mayor own a tank?  Are the kids wearing clean underwear?  All this and more in 'Jack and Noah's Big Election.'

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Mayor to sell Memorial Park to developers

It's a sad day when the Omaha mayor has to sell Memorial Park to pay for his personal army tank.

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Let's focus on the real election

With the presidential primaries wrapping up, isn't it time to focus on an election that holds intrigue, corruption, flawed candidates and 24-hour press coverage? Yes, it's time to focus on 'Jack and Noah's Big Election.'

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Books make you taller and smarter

It's a well-known fact that reading books can make you smarter - my 'Early Readers' tab at includes reference to research on this topic - but books can also make you much taller, if you stack them them correct way.  Congrats to Lisa H and Morgan F for winning t-shirts today.

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Give your kids some excitement

Ditch the video games and go-kart tracks.  Jack and Noah's Big Election is the most exciting option for kids this summer.

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Mothers want summer books

Emma G is today's t-shirt winner.  From June 5-25, I am giving away one 'I Love Crazy Luke' t-shirt each day to someone who begins following my Jack and Noah facebook page, shares one of my Facebook posts, or writes a review of either of my books on Amazon or Goodreads.

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Election intrigue?

So the current political cycle has no intrigue, you say?  Check out the election excitement in Jack and Noah's Big Election!

Congrats to Toni C on winning the June 5th t-shirt drawing!

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