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I completed the first draft of Jack and Noah's Big Election in mid-January.   Four friends and family members have read it, and now I'm working on the second draft.  My goal is to publish it by September.  Of course, my previous goal was to publish it by last December, so I don't always set realistic goals.  

Jack and Noah's Big Day ended with their big birthday party on August 17, just before they started third grade.  Jack and Noah's Big Election follows the boys from September through November during third grade.  

I just submitted my book cover design to my graphics designer.  Here's the book introduction on the back of the book:

"After Jack and Noah spent the entire summer planning the coolest birthday party even, their parents were hoping for a quiet start to third grade.  That all changes when Greta adopts a pig, Noah runs for student council, Jack launches his musical career and the boys try their best to sell 10,000 Girl Scout cookies.  If that wasn't enough, Jack and Noah discover that Omaha's mayor wants to close the city's swimming pools and schools.

Jack and Noah are not your typical third-grade boys and there's nothing normal about their families, neighbors or city.  In Jack and Noah's Big Election, the boys learns that God and family comes first, Crazy Luke still can't be trusted, and sometimes losing is just as good as winning.  Children and adults can let their imaginations run free while they celebrate the big life of Jack, Noah and all their friends."

Have a big day!

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