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It never helps to brag...

As I dig out of a pile of work at my real job - being a boring accountant - I realize that I bragged back in September that the first half of Jack and Noah's Big Election had already been written.  "Geez," you're thinking, "if the book is half done in September, it ought to be all done by January."  And you would be wrong.  

One of the downsides to trying to be an author while doing other things - working  a full-time job, watching three very cool kids grow up, trying to be a good husband, avoiding turning into a noxious pile of blubber - is that it is pretty hard to do all of them well at the same time.  The major turning point in my book-writing schedule came in October due to the Muffin Top Incident.  In short, I realized that when I attempted to write (5:00 a.m.) and work out (6:00 a.m.) every day, what generally happened was that I did write every day but I didn't work out.  Not working out led to a muffin top.  You know, when you're stomach fat starts to hang over the waist of your pants.  Not a pretty sight.  So I stopped writing.  

As of January 20, 2015, this is is where I stand.  Actually, I'm sitting.  My muffin top is less obvious, and I hope to run a marathon this spring to eradicate that very same muffin top.  Work is still busy, but not as bad as two weeks ago when I was chained to my desk listening to an endless loop of Pandora's greatest hits from the '80s.  And the first draft of the book is about 75% done, with the outline for the remaining 25% completed and just begging to be written.  Now if people were only begging to read it.  

Once I finish the first draft, I'll read the whole thing, identify sixty-three fatal errors in the story, and fix those.  If all goes well, I let (make) my family read the second draft.  I then keep getting after until I'm so sick of it that I just publish the darn thing.  Could be next November.  Could be November 2016.  If anyone wants to send me a pre-publishing bonus, I'd work a lot harder on it.  Of course, it's almost baseball season, and not a lot gets done in baseball season...


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