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I love the Omaha World Herald

I was lucky enough to be featured in the Living Section of the Omaha World Herald this morning - Saturday, January 4 - in a story written by Carol Bicak, the OWH book reviewer and Community Connections writer.  I'm not sure you'll find a more influential person in the Omaha book community, and yet Carol is one of the most warm and humble people I've met in years.  We talked for over an hour on the day after Christmas, and it seemed like it was only five minutes.

If you've stumbled onto this website because of the OWH article, thanks for joining the four members of the Jack and Noah Fan Club who have visited over 3,000 times in the past two months.  If you'd like to join the Fan Club, please send a cashier's check for $99.99 to... oh, wait, there is no Jack and Noah Fan Club.  

In lieu of joining a fan club, you can do a few other things:  

(a) Buy the book.  See the 'Buy Book' tab on this website for more information.

(b) Rate the book on and  

(c) Tell your friends about the book via FaceBook, Twitter, e-mail and in person.

(d) Buy an extra book for a local school library or for your child's classroom.  

(e) Help get me spots on national TV shows.  That would be cool.


Have a BIG day!

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