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Awards for Slagle continue to roll in

Dundee, NE (OWH)  Even though it was published just six weeks ago, the children’s book Jack and Noah’s Big Day by Dundee-famous author Jay Slagle has become the most decorated book of 2013.  Honors include: 

  • The Falls City Journal called it “The Best Book Written in 2013 by a Falls City Class of 1985 alumnus”; 
  • Motel 6 announced it will be placing a copy of the book in the bedside table of every guest room in all of its motels; 
  • Oprah added the book to the ‘Oprah Book Club’ and included Slagle’s very large nose on her ‘Favorite Things’ list for 2013; 
  • Maxim Magazine called Jack and Noah “exactly the kind of stupid book our immature male readers would write – if they knew how to spell”; 
  • The Omaha World Herald ranked Slagle as “The Most Annoying Review-Seeking Author of This Generation”;  Mike Kelly and Erin Grace both filed for restraining orders against Slagle due to his shameless begging for a mention in their regular columns; 
  • The Pulitzer Prize for Literature committee broke protocol and announced that Jack and Noah’s Big Day had been given “The Book That None of Us Will Waste Time Reading” prize; 
  • Slagle’s wife gave him a “You Haven’t Done One Productive Thing in the Last 20 Days” plaque; 
  • Parenting Magazine recognized him as “The Father Who Has Embarrassed His Children the Most in 2013”, edging out Henry Chao, the guy in charge of the website. 
  • The Omaha Literary Society, a new group with one member founded by Slagle, gave Slagle the “Thurgood Marshall Medal of Excellence” for his exceptional writing in Jack and Noah’s Big Day.  

Members of the public are encouraged to post to the blog below and give Slagle any additional honors that they feel he deserves. 


Jack and Noah’s Big Day by Jay Slagle is available for $9.99 at the Bookworm bookstore at 8702 Pacific in Omaha or on-line at Amazon.  Learn more about the book at  Follow his ‘20 Days of Stupid’ project from November 23rd thru December 12th on Twitter (JaySlagleWrites), Instagram (JaySlagleWrites), Facebook (JackAndNoahsBigDay) and his website (  The book is available for reservations at the Omaha Public Library. 



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