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Halfway There?

I haven't posted many things on my website the last few months, primarily because I'm trying to be diligent about working on book #2.  I'm about 50% through converting my outline - egads, I'm actually following an outline - into a book, and I just passed the 200 page mark.  Of course, this is the just the first draft, and part of the writing process is to first get something on paper.  After the first draft is complete, I'll read it all and decide that it's horrible and that I should have never started writing a second book.  Of course, I'll change my mind at some point, because you just can't let a book sit there without having your son ask you six hundred times why it isn't published yet.

My only disappointment thus far is that I can't get any of my kids to read the book as I'm writing it.  Henry is perpetually in the middle of another book.  Greta says she read the outline and she thinks that this is as good as reading the book.  Jack is in high school and has about three minutes of spare time every night.  

My goal is to write at 5:30 a.m. about four or five days each week, for about 45-60 minutes.  At this rate, the first draft should be completed by Christmas, which means the final draft may be ready by Christmas 2015.  Maybe.

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