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Fontenelle Elementary visit

I had the great pleasure today to visit with 40+ third graders at Fontenelle Elementary School who are taught by Miss Seymour and Mrs. Bachmann.  The teachers had read Jack and Noah's Big Day to both classes over the last few months, so I talked about the book, why reading and writing are so awesome, and why they should never spend more than an hour a day playing video games.  The best question was: "How much money did you make by writing a book?"  My response was, "Well, so far I've lost about $1,000."  Her follow-up question was:  "How much money do you have left after losing $1,000?"  Umm, I'm not going to answer that question.  If Greta finds out how much shopping money I have, I'm in serious trouble.  

Anyway, thanks to the great third graders at Fontenelle Elementary.  Check out my selfie with the kids at the start of the presentation.

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