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Beveridge Magnet School rocks!

Today I had the good fortune to visit with 270 seventh graders at Beveridge Magnet School.  BMS is an Omaha Public School magnet middle school for arts and global studies.  Mrs. Grefe and Kearney teach language arts to 7th graders, and all 270 kids read the book, and then prepared either timelines, book reports or videos regarding the book.  It's a very creative and bright group of kids and teachers.  As is my custom, I took a selfie with the kids.  The funniest part of today was when I showed the pictures of the 8-year-old Jack and the 14-year-old Jack.  After more than just a few oohs and ahhs from the 7th grade girls, one of the girls asked for Jack's Instagram name during the Q&A session.  Fortunately, Jack's mom was in the audience, and she told me I couldn't share his Instagram account.  Beveridge Magnet School and writing rock!

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