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8-year-old Dundee boys have time machine

Omaha, NE (ABC)  The news media, federal authorities and Star Trek enthusiasts have all converged on Omaha this week after news broke that two 8-year-old boys have a time machine.  While rumors of time machines have existed for centuries, this appears to be the first legitimate story. 

News trucks are encamped around the Taylor house today awaiting some type of announcement from Jack Taylor, the time machine’s co-owner.  The first stories of the time machine came from St. Margaret Mary’s school, located approximately one mile from the Taylor house.  It appears that ‘Crazy’ Luke Douglas and Henry Taylor, who appear to be in kindergarten, told their classmates that a neighbor had given the time machine to Jack Taylor. 

Anonymous sources have told ABC that the time machine was originally a slushie machine, but the neighbor Dr. Emmett Brown, a retired scientist, had converted it into a time machine before he gave it to Jack.  Henry and Crazy Luke both reported seeing it work when it was stored in the Taylor garage.  In fact, this encounter seems to have been documented in the book, Jack and Noah’s Big Day, on pages 65-67.

Dr. Emmett Brown could not be located for this story.  He was last spotted last Tuesday leaving his house  in a DeLorean DMC-12 coupe. 

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