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3rd grade classroom visit

I visited the third grade classes at Mary Our Queen elementary school today and spoke to 40-odd kids that are taught by Mrs. Zuegner and Miss Reimers.  When I say '40-odd,' I don't mean that the kids were odd.  What I mean is that I didn't take the time to count them, so there might have been 39 or there might have been 41, but who's counting?  Well, obviously I wasn't counting or I'd know the actual number.  I do know that my third cousin Lily was in the classroom.

I spoke to the kids about my book and why writing is such an important skill for them to develop.  After my talk, the kids asked about thirty questions and most were about Crazy Luke.  In every classroom I visit, Crazy Luke is always the kids' favorite character, and that was the same today.  One student even asked me to brainstorm - on the spot - five different catastrophes that Crazy Luke might cause.  I gave up after two.  

I also gave the kids a preview of my next book, Jack and Noah's Big Election.  The students thought they were being super sneaky by trying to weasle out details of the book, but I didn't tell them about Noah running for student council or anything at all about the mayor's tank.  Whoo!  Thank goodness I didn't share those secrets.  

I rarely take selfies but I make a habit of doing so when I visit classrooms.  Thanks to Mrs. Zuegner, Miss Reimers and all of their great third graders!



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